YAYOM Essentials Scheme

YAYOM Essentials Scheme

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Download the YAYOM Essentials Scheme.

The chart shows the structure of how I understand the paradigm that I call YAYOM. The numbers next to each Essential refers to the blog post about them.

Match the essentials scheme with essentials articles

You find the Essentials articles on their page or by doing a search with the keyword "essential". Essentials can be recognized by their own label:

yayome logoBeyond the scheme

If you wish to explore beyond the scheme on an essential, do a search with its keyword, e.g. search with "victim" if you want to learn more about that.

Share & Inspire

Of course, if you have something to say about an essential or its deeper exploration, let me know! Share your experiences and thoughts with the YAYOM community! Inspire us! You can do that by leaving a comment below, filling out the contact form (also below) or on Facebook.

Call to community

Yayom Essentials Scheme manual
Original handmade scheme

I have no problem admitting that my graphic competences are limited, especially on computer. Maybe you are better at it. So here's my YAYOM-call:

take the scheme and make it better. Turn it into something more attractive, more shiny,  more visual, more YOU.

Then SHARE your YAYOM Essentials Scheme on Facebook.


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