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In today’s S&I I want to share a YAYOM-conversation I heard on the radio some days ago. The words came from a very young voice, but reflect a wisdom I wish I had when I was 20 or younger.

A young voice

Last Sunday I heard something interesting on the radio that I want to share with you. We were driving to Antwerp for a visit to the Red Star Line museum. The radio was playing, but I wasn’t really listening, until suddenly I heard a young voice saying the following:

Young voice: …that’s why I choose to be happy..
Radio host: Do you believe happiness is a choice?
YV: Yes, I believe it’s a choice. In the past couple of months, I have been through several situations that could have made me depressed. But I decided not to, because if I allowed myself to become depressed, I would not only ruin my own life but also that of the people close to me.
Radio: How did you do that?
YV: I focused on the positive thoughts and things. I believe that if you positively discriminate the positive, more positive things will come into your life.

Pure YAYOM radio

That, my dear readers, is pure YAYOM. It’s the captain aware of his captaincy, of his power and freedom to set his own course by using the wind and the waves in his favor.

Even more, the boy was clearly aware of how his attitude and behavior can inspire other people around him. YAYOM is clearly about this: even though we cannot really influence each other if the other doesn’t want to, there is no doubt that we do inspire other people, be it to act like we do, be it to act completely different. It’s amazing that such a young person as the boy on the radio has already incorporated this.

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