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Last week, a young woman I know, came to me and said: Today I have taken a big decision: I quit my job.

Seemed she’d been struggling with the idea for quite some time, weighing the many materialistic benefits against her happiness. Eventually, she chose for her happiness.

An energetic decision

When I asked how she felt, she said the act of resigning had given her loads of energy and much relief. It would be interesting to explore how much of that energy had gone to her avoiding the decision and her inner battle.

This, my good friends, is a true YAYOM story. The young woman had recognized the 2 thoughts that were filling her mind (materialistic comfort vs lack of happiness), the action that was needed to refind her happiness and her freedom to make that action. She realized that she is the decision taker in her life.

The powerful emotion she showed when she was telling about her tough yet liberating decision, was pretty moving for me. I congratulated her, not only for thinking YAYOM, but for adding the courage to act YAYOM too.

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