Commando Counter Commitment

YAYOM launches the Commando Counter Commitment, an initiative with farstretching possible consequences!

I hate it when people tell me what to do or whom to be. That’s probably one of the reasons why I like YAYOM so much. YAYOM does not allow commandos or, better said, it considers them of zero value.

At I will avoid telling you what to do. That’s a promise. If ever you spot a commando on this site or in any other publication of YAYOM, let me know and I will rectify.

But there’s more.

Since freedom is the essence of YAYOM, I will attach a formal commitment to the promise. Below you can see the Commando Counter. You will also find it in the sidebar.

YAYOM Commando Counter

As you can see, the Commando Counter is set on 0. Every time one of you spots a commando, the Commando Counter will be adjusted. If a reported commando lasts longer than 5 days, another ‘point’ will be added on the Counter.

But here’s the main game rule:

If the Commando Counter ever reaches 3 (so: 003), I will stop the entire YAYOM journey, the website and all its derivates, as a score of 3 will have shown me unworthy of representing YAYOM.

Before the bombardment of spottings begins, I will define Commando:

A Commando on is every expression that tells you what you should do or should not do, whom you should be or whom you should not be, and this with reference to all aspects of the YAYOM philosophy.

This definition obviously excludes all Call-to-Actions you may find on this site or elsewhere. Apart from that, don’t hesitate (that’s not a Commando) to contact me if you spot a Commando. You can do that here or on the YAYOM Facebook page.

Read more about this in tomorrow’s blogpost ‘The guilt industry‘.

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