The Captain – a YAYOM metaphore

Imagine your life is a ship on the ocean of existence. You are floating on the waves, sliding closer to your destination. Your destination is where you want to go. Your current position marks the distance, to your destination and to where you’ve started.

Waves and Wind

Now picture your current position. Unless you’ve already reached your destination, you are most probably at mid-sea. What has brought you here? The waves that carried you? The wind blowing in your sails? Imagine that. Imagine the waves or the wind would be the ones controlling the course of your ship. Waves and wind come from all directions. You would end up going everywhere and nowhere at the same time, anywhere but the destination you had in mind when you entered the ship.

Have you ever heard of a ship letting its course be determined by wind and waves? Of course you haven’t. Who’s in charge on every ship that ever travelled over water, in the air or through space? Indeed. The captain.

You know

You are the captain of the ship you call your life. How do you know? Two answers. The first is that only the captain knows the destination of the ship. That’s the reason why the waves and wind come and go to all directions. They don’t know the destination of your ship. You know, because you are the captain.

The second reason is that the captain is the only one on the entire ship who has the power to alter both the ships course and destination. Remember that when you find yourself off course. The waves can’t change things, nor can the wind or any other player. They can try to influence, but only as far as the captain allows it.

Only 1 captain

The captain is you. Remember that. And remember that there can only be one captain. Other people are nothing but the captains of their own ship sailing to their own destination. No two people share the same destination.

The reasoning is circular. You are the captain because you know where you’re going. You know where you’re going because you are the captain.


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