Essentials #9 – You are free

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You are free to do whatever you like in your life. There are no rules except for your own. There are no chains except for your own thoughts. You are the captain, a position you cannot resign from. That means freedom, to choose your destination and to create the path to it.

Just like you cannot stop being the captain of your ship, it is not possible for you not to use your freedom. Even when it doesn’t seem like it, if it appears you’re living your life passively, the second principle of YAYOM has shown that this is never the case. The so-called passive stand isn’t but one actively chosen alternative.

Freedom = responsibility

Does that mean that whatever your situation, you are responsible for it? The answer is unevitably yes.

There is no difference between freedom and responsibility.

Does that mean you should feel bad about yourself if you find yourself somewhere off track? No. The Essential about Acceptance explains that blame and guilt are not what YAYOM is about.

Change, or don’t

You have the freedom to change your current situation, just like you have the freedom to keep it like it is. Either way the choice will be yours. There exists no wrong choice.

It gives freedom to see that our current situation is not due to external factors, even though they’ve been there. I find it liberating to analyze my past as a series of actions and thoughts that have given a certain result, because I am aware that actions and thoughts are things I can learn to control.

Free, not destined

YAYOM - You are not destined
You decide your destination.

As a result, I have learned that I am not destined to anything, but that it is me who decides the destination. I am not destined to fail, to be a prisoner in my marriage, to be overweight, to be poor, shy or unpopular.

Better said: if I am destined to be a failure, then that is because I have chosen that destination for myself, either by making the actions that make me feel a failure, either by thinking I am a failure.

Selfish freedom

Does YAYOM mean you have the freedom to walk away from any situation at any time. Yes! Just be aware that walking away from an unwanted situation does not necessarily mean you’ll walk into a better one.

Maybe you’ll wonder if it is selfish to used your freedom. 

Well, let one thing be clear: it is not possible that you do not use your freedom.

Whether you choose to go fully mainstream or to go fully excentric, you are using your freedom and either way can be considered selfish.

Other people are not relevant in the YAYOM universe. Basically they aren’t but wind and waves that try to influence your course. Still, it may be wise to keep in mind that other people are also captains on their own ship, meaning that they, just like you, have both the power and the freedom to alter their course.

Freedom is a wonderful thing once you become aware of it. To live your life not feeling a victim, but a free person, to learn to accept yourself, to have consideration for who you are without judgment, to accept your captaincy, your creative power can take away much of the pressure we put on our own shoulders.

You are free. You are your own master. YAYOM.

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What about you? How are you using your freedom to create your path? Do you see a free captain when looking at yourself? Are there areas where you are feeling less free than others? Share it, here or on Facebook, and inspire other people.

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