Essentials #5 – YAYOM = Awareness

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Awareness is the very essence of YAYOM. Awareness is also key if you want change. Your captaincy, even though you cannot renounce it, gains much more depth if flavoured with awareness.

You’ll notice we’re getting ever more mindful at That’s because, as the legendary Tommy Smothers would say (in this clip, from 3:30), mindfulness has stolen all my material. I can tell you that it was both revealing and somewhat of a bummer when I realized that all my fancy YAYOM-ideas already existed. Maybe I’ll sue them for foreknowledge.

Awareness is the ingredient that turns mastership into ownership.

As soon as awareness is injected into our lives, the options ‘victim’ and ‘passive’ become erased, leaving no other but ‘freedom’.

Layers of Awareness

To my own experience, awareness is layered. I like to compare it to the ripples caused by a drop falling into a pool of water. The first ripple sees the impact of the drop. Then the ripple moves on, becomes bigger and sees the impact point as well as a new inner ripple. It would be interesting to explore how many ripples we can make.

The cool thing about awareness is that once it’s switched on, it cannot be switched off anymore.

On the contrary, you’ll only become more aware. That doesn’t mean you will never fall asleep again. But sooner or later, your awareness will automatically reboot itself and lead you back to where you drifted off.

Observe yourself

Observation is the key element of awareness. You watch yourself, create a mental distance between yourself and the things you think and do. This mental distance allows you to observe without judgment. You learn to see yourself as an assembly of thoughts and actions.

Non-judgmental does not mean non-corrective. On the contrary, awareness can help you to ‘correct’ your thoughts and actions if you find yourself off course of where you want to go. In my experience, awareness takes away much of the pressure when I want to change something about myself.

Eerie or not?

While the growth of your awareness is a gradual thing that takes time, the switch from unaware to aware is instant, as I already mentioned in the Essential about change. At least, that’s how it felt to me.

In the following 2 Essentials, we will have a deeper look at awareness of our thoughts and of our actions. There will be a metaphore! If awareness seems like an eerie thingie to you, then you may be happy to learn that it’s nothing like that and that, in fact, there is already much awareness in everybody’s life. You only have to be aware of that. I told you it’s layered!

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YAYOM Share Inspire

What about you? How aware do you feel you are? What are the things about yourself or maybe about your world that you find yourself very aware of? And what are the things you feel escaping your awareness all the time? And what do you do to improve your awareness? Let us know, share it and inspire the YAYOM commuity with your own experiences. You can do that here or on the YAYOM Facebook page.


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