YAYOM – The first step on a new journey

Every journey starts with a first step.

But what if you are already on the way? And what if you’re somewhere you don’t want to be? Can you change directions?

The Internet says: reclaim your life and then throws a bunch of zen buddhist lists to your head. But the Internet is wrong.

It is not possible to reclaim your life. YAYOM does not allow it.


yayom.com is the place where you are invited to explore with me the deeper meaning of YAYOM. Let us make this journey together, let’s put YAYOM to the test together.

yayome logo thumb9 Essentials

First, we will discover the 9 YAYOM essentials. You can recognize YAYOM essentials by their own badge.

I have made a scheme of the YAYOM essentials. You can download it here.

From the essentials on we will consider the implications and apply the theory to our own experiences.

You are strongly invited to share your own experiences with me and with other followers. Use the contact form or go to one of YAYOM’s social media accounts. YAYOM is on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s YAYOM together!

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