YAYOM exposed by Lego

Without even knowing it, my eldest son challenged YAYOM. All he needed for that, were 2 missing Lego bricks.

An ice cream for my Lego

Ice Cream
My reward for finding the wrong piece.

Yesterday my eldest son was searching for a Lego piece, which he needed for a car he was building. Some time ago, all Lego pieces got mixed up in one big box, so my son was having severe difficulties finding it back. That’s why he asked me to help him. Which I did.

We both searched through the pieces for a while, and eventually challenged each other: the first one to find it, gets an ice cream. I won. But then he said he needed two of those pieces. So we dug into the Lego pile again, raising the trophy for the finder to French fries.

Turn around

As we searched, I could feel my son’s focus slowly drifting off to other things. I said: you are no longer searching. He replied that it was no use searching as we were not going to find it anyway.

I immediately recognized the YAYOM awareness of actions moment we were having there and turned his words around in his face: we are not going to find it as we are not searching. I admit that I was feelingĀ  smart and ad rem with my wise words.

YAYOM piecefully debunked

Lego vs Yayom - Mythbusters
Lego’s Mythbusters challenge YAYOM.

Then my wife stepped in and said: here it is. It turned out that the missing piece was somewhere way off the place we were searching. Even more: both missing pieces were there. The one I had found had the wrong grey color.

So, basically, my son was right when he said that it was no use searching further through the big pile of spread out Lego bricks. We were never going to find the pieces.

But nor was he. When my son’s attention drifted off, his actions were no longer set on finding the piece and as a consequence he was never going to find it, no matter where it was. So YAYOM was also right.

Still waiting for the ice cream, though.



Credit Alter Lego picture: Propaganda-Panda @ Deviant Art

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