Here are some of the things you may want to know about Joris, the person behind YAYOM:

I (°1977) was born in Belgium, where I currently live with my wife and our 2 sons.

I have never been able to shake off that unreal feeling about life, wandering through it as an observer rather than a participant. My range of interests is too wide for one lifetime. Too bad and much to my own frustration, I am  pretty bad at choosing, too afraid to miss out on anything.

The divine Joris

I enjoy life very much and feel like I have very little to complain about (without violating YAYOM). I love reading (both fiction and non-fiction), writing, thinking and traveling. My love for food and coffee has rewarded me with my own cosmic expansion near my personal equator, including first signs of my very own gravity.

The human Joris

Nevertheless, I am a normal person with as many defaults as qualities. I have rather little patience (including with myself). I don’t like grapefruit, other people telling me what to do, loud noise and lists (unless it’s the list for the supermarket, then I’ll be the first one to make it). I’m a Twitter addict.

My mindset is that of a scientist.

I believe that people are their own master. Sometimes I hate believing that.

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